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Shortly after rewarding their area of the price, brand new clones questioned the latest rebels to keep for dinner

Shortly after rewarding their area of the price, brand new clones questioned the latest rebels to keep for dinner

Conference the fresh new Clones

Pursuing the near-destruction of its fleet, this new Push back system is up against a lack of basics and organization, however, Sabine was at the very least fortunate to change their physical appearance adopting the their along with her other rebel’s come across that have Vader. not, when Ezra ideal that they you want safeguards to the a secluded system, Ahsoka delivered brand new Ghost staff to get their a vintage pal into Seelos just who you will discover how to locate eg basics. Up on coming in in the system, the Ghost try damaged, very Hera and you can Helicopter remained trailing to repair it when you are Sabine followed the remainder crew towards the earth’s epidermis when you look at the this new Phantom. Here, they discover that friend was the previous Republic duplicate captain Rex, whom lived-in an antiquated Within-TE walker with one or two most other other clones, Wolffe and Gregor. Immediately after a short misunderstanding because of Kanan’s distrust out-of clones since of their character in order 66, and this Rex and his brothers resisted when you look at the performing, the brand new rebels managed to persuade new clones which they was indeed family relations delivered by Ahsoka. The fresh clones wanted to provide the necessary information toward angles in exchange for the latest rebels to participate its search for a beneficial Joopa, which have Zeb since the lure.

But not, Sabine registered the fresh new At the-TE walker’s correspondence area and found one Wolffe, who distrusted the new rebels, privately notified the newest Empire of their visibility and you may hid Ahsoka’s texts. Once Rex confident Wolffe that the rebels had been people they know, new rebels and clones were decided to go to because of the an imperial probe droid one to Rex were able to damage, not earlier busted the newest Phantom. Up coming, a team of three In the-On walkers contributed because of the Agent Kallus showed up, so Rex and his comrades stayed at the rear of to hold them off within At the-TE, despite being outnumbered and you can outgunned, as rebels fled regarding the repaired Phantom having Sabine at the latest controls. But at Ezra’s desires, it oriented back once again to services the fresh new clones because of the hijacking certainly one of the brand new Within-Within walkers ruining Kallus’ walker on it, forcing Kallus and his awesome band so you can retreat. This means that, new rebels achieved the brand new value of one’s clones, exactly who wanted to join the Rebellion.

Experiencing Double trouble

Later on, given that Kanan try teaching Ezra to try and levitate Chopper which have the newest Force, Sabine and Helicopter chose to enjoy an information on the younger Jedi by the locking Chopper’s feet on the Ghost’s steel flooring. Even with Ezra’s most readily useful operate, he had been not able to lift the new astromech droid and gave up only for Rex to reveal Sabine and you will Chopper’s prank. Hera was available in and you can tasked Sabine to take Zeb and you will Chopper toward a supply manage on a left behind Republic scientific space station, and you may Ezra sneaked away from with them to eliminate involved in Kanan a keen Rex’s argument more diminished punishment and a lot of wits. When they arrived, and you can Sabine got Helicopter power up new channel, she, Ezra and you can Zeb searched for this new offers, unaware one the presence had drawn the eye regarding two the brand new recently sent Inquisitors, The newest 5th Sister additionally the Seventh Aunt. Just after her ID9 seeker droids disabled Chopper, new Sibling lured Sabine and you will Ezra with the a hall. Sabine fought the new hunter droids off of their if you are Ezra engaged this new Brother within the an excellent duel. The new Sis following inserted the fight, and you may Ezra launched a shut doorway to have Sabine to flee due to as he stored the brand new Inquisitors back, just to be caught.

Now broke up out of Ezra, Sabine receive Zeb, who was simply stuck in the a ventilation axle, and advised him how it happened. Advising against calling Kanan toward problem whilst manage only present the fresh Push back network’s place to the new Empire, she and you may Zeb resolved so you can rescue Ezra themselves, earliest trying stop the Sibling out-of searching for Sabine which have this new seeker droids using thermal detonators. Nevertheless the Sis made use of the Push to help you starting the brand new explosives right back, knocking Sabine unconscious from the resulting blast and you can capturing whenever you are Zeb fled. Hauling her of so you can where in fact the Cousin was remaining Ezra, he together with Cousin made an effort to coerce Sabine and you can Ezra into the contacting their other rebels even so they denied. Fundamentally, Zeb contacted Ezra once preserving Helicopter, posing just like the “Commander Meiloorun” and you can providing them support. To eliminate endangering Zeb, Ezra would not answer, but when Sabine is actually endangered become decapitated from the Brother, the guy hesitantly complies. She and you may Ezra was was herded towards hangar bay six by their Inquisitor captors, very Zeb written a disturbance for the Phantom you to definitely let them to avoid its captors clutches and you can board the fresh assault bus. After the a brief battle, the four rebels escaped on medical offers and you can back into the newest push back collection. Up on back to new Ghost, it told Kanan, Hera, and you will Rex regarding their run into into a few Inquisitors. That it news arrived while the a shock to Kanan, who had been clueless that there try more than one Inquisitor.


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