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The Growth of Google Mapss Local Guides Program

For example, if someone sees your review or views photos you’ve uploaded, they can see your level next to your name. Being a Local Guide doesn’t just provide your community with valuable information.

Is Google Local Guide Level 6 GOOD?

Level 6+ Local Guides can apply to preview new Google Maps features before they go public. Google's Local Guides program for Google Maps has proven to be quite successful, with tons of people offering additional feedback and providing photos about various destinations.

Once you’ve added the name of the local business you wish to review, you’ll be asked a series of questions by Google, based on the type of business under review. Anyone searching for a local restaurant or business who reads reviews may place more trust in a recommendation from a Local Guide. But, ironically, you can look at badge holder reviews and see how unrealistic some of them are. For each contribution, you will earn a specified number of points. For example, if you upload a photo, you’ll receive five points; if you leave a detailed review of over 200 characters, you’ll receive 10 points and 10 additional bonus points.

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It’s not a stretch to say that the work Guides do in their towns and cities around the world powers the whole Maps ecosystem. Google Local Guides contribute to making Google Maps more accurate and informative with ratings and reviews, photos, adding a new place, editing an existing one, answering questions, and checking facts.

You can type an address into the text box at the top of Google Maps to find the business. Gamify local search, and you’ll find Google Maps produces the unexpected benefits your agency needs and the neighborhood expert your community deserves. We also encourage you to promote your meetup via your own social media channels and in your local community using #LocalGuides. This mighty little community is as active as ever despite the challenges of the pandemic. Since there are monetary value and prizes for increasing your “level” as a local guide, it will push people to do it solely to get something out of it, not help businesses.

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Make sure all your content complies with Google Maps’ user-generated content policy. Here a Local Guide has left a negative review for a business, and at the same time a suspiciously similar review has appeared, written by someone also just happens to share the Local Guide’s first name. In my conversations with local search professionals who have plenty of first-hand experience with Local Guides, a few common threads of issues appeared. For the uninitiated, a Google Local Guide is a Google user taking part in a program of activity that rewards them for frequent contributions to Google Maps. Users tend to skew towards Android smartphone owners due to the in-built Google access via their devices, but the program is available to anyone with a Google account and access to the Google Maps app. Columnist Jamie Pitman talks to some of the leading figures in local search to find out what went wrong with the Local Guides program, and if enough steps are being taken to fix it.

local guide program

Anyone aged 18 or over and living in any of the 40 supported countries can apply to become a Local Guide. All you need to do is visit the login page and enter your location. Make sure you are signed in to the Google account you use for Maps.

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In general, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution. Use masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizer liberally to provide attendees with the safety and comfort they need to ensure your meetup is a success. But my own metric by which I would judge whether this particular program is succeeding is that it is generating substantially higher quality review content than that submitted by the general public. To date, I’m not seeing this result and I wonder what Google will ultimately do with this program. Business owners and their marketers is that a more nuanced form of sentiment analysis for quality control is likely to be present on Yelp than Google.

local guide program

The likeliness of an edit publishing has more to do with the listing you’re editing than the user editing it. Back when MapMaker was around, it had a lot more to do with the best courses for remote jobs user and their trust level. Now, if a listing is verified via Google My Business, it’s extremely hard toget fake listings removedeven if you’re a Level 10 Local Guide.

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Note that we may edit your meetup description before publishing. If rejected, we will let you know why and you will be able to submit a new meetup for us to review.

Today, the Local Guides program has matured into a large and sizeable community. Another argument made against Google’s Local Guides is that it will encourage scammers to create several accounts and boost points on Google’s program with lots of action from different versions. Google Local Guides are available to all users that have the Google Maps application. You will be invited to sponsored events where you can talk to other participants of the program and meet people. You will contribute the community and have access to Beta phases developed on Google Maps. This is crucial to be up to date about coming changes on Google Maps.

Ways to Increase Revenue Using Online Reviews

If your review is more in-depth and exceeds 200 characters, you’ll get 10 bonus points. The Experience Index backs this up, with its findings revealing that there is a 159% increase in revenue from visitors who engage with reviews. Many consumers, especially the Millennial generation onwards, distrust advertising and brand-generated content. In fact, 84% of Millennials classify themselves as distrustful of traditional marketing. That leaves peers as the most trusted form of recommendation when it comes to everything from finding a restaurant and booking a hotel to finding a contractor or choosing a vet.

  • It’s one more way of enhancing your online presence and standing out in the world’s top search engine.
  • A Google my Business Insights Study revealed thathigh-quality imagesare vital to your listing.
  • Google’s local guides are power users of Google maps that offer great online local experience through their reviews, images, answers to questions, and by editing of other entries on Google Maps.
  • The Google local algorithm is constantly updating to ensure that search results best match the intent behind a …
  • Google Local Guides contribute to making Google Maps more accurate and informative with ratings and reviews, photos, adding a new place, editing an existing one, answering questions, and checking facts.

Or just make sure people have the best possible experience while avoiding the not-so-great ones, then the life of a local Google Guide is for you. If you have an existing Google account, you can link it to it; otherwise, just sign up and you’re on your way. The Local Guides program is for individuals, not companies.

What’s Google Local Guides?

I’ve seen plenty of businesses that just have a bunch of unrelated images loaded to their business by users. I can only assume when this happens repeatedly that it’s intentional. Some of these things do contribute to your trust level in Google’s eyes, and some don’t. For example, I could rack up a ton of points leaving ratings for tons of businesses and reach a higher Local Guide level.

The more accurate the information, the easier it will be for consumers to find each of your business locations. Local Guides are not compensated, nor may they profit from their involvement. The local guides program is only for people who enjoy contributing to Google Maps and need to help others discover and explore the world. Additionally, just the practice of uploading reviews, pictures, and business information will help us keep ourselves up to date on local search related features and practices.

Understanding Google’s Local Search Algorithm

I developed a reasonably effective tactic to move up in the Local Guides ranks and was pretty fast at adding quality photos to listings. But – and this is a big but of a problem — I soon had photographed almost every storefront in town. Google launched the Local Guide program to enrich the quality of information available on Google Maps so people looking up places on Maps could get more key information about places.

  • There’s also something very satisfying about being the first to add a place to Maps.
  • It is halfway between our home and the airport which is and hour and half away.
  • Do you have a secret place that has the best view of the sunset over the Taj Mahal?